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Seeing and Helping Beyond the Obvious

by Karen Reiffman

0 Comments | Wednesday, January 23, 2019 under Widow and Orphan Fund

Yad Eliezer's Keren Almanos: a Unique Widows and Orphans' Charity

There are so many special things about Yad Eliezer. 
I won't write about all of them right now; there are just too many and they would make this blog way too long. (But don't worry, you'll read about them here eventually...)

One of Yad Eliezer's specialties is its attention to detail, and its drive to "help beyond the obvious. When a person is in need, we don't "just" help financially. Other aspects of their life are given consideration. For example, how are this person's kids managing-do they need help in school or out? Could they use guidance from a Big Brother? Would the person themselves benefit from retraining through our Job Training program to help get them out of their situation? In other words, what else is going on in their lives? What are their needs beyond the immediate?

A perfect example of this extra attention is that which is given through our Keren Almanos. Not only does the fund support widows (who still have children living at home) with monthly stipends, but added care is given to them emotionally. Extra attention is paid to help bring them comfort and relief. From time to time it will be a small but meaningful gift to brighten their day. On a bigger scale, it can be a stay at our villa in Tzfat, which Yad Eliezer purchased and renovated specifically to use as a getaway for the almanos in our program. It's a beautiful villa, one that offers a quiet setting to women who are dealing with their life challenges, their children and everything else that comes their way, but never have time to take a breather (or money with which to do so). Our Tzfat villa really brings happiness to the women who stay there, allowing them to take a break for a while, enabling them to go back to their lives with renewed energy.

One such woman, Chana K., recently returned from her stay there and expressed her gratitude:

I've written this letter a bit after my stay at the "Yad Eliezer Villa", but my thankfulness only grows with each passing day.
Now I finally have a moment to sit down and write-
to try and express the feelings I have in my heart, after spending several special days in the beautiful getaway.
The emotional sense of space in the villa, which sits in the the picturesque Tzfat, away from the hustle and bustle of the city...plus all the support you provided for me...it has all enveloped me in a sense of chizuk and strength, which b'ezrat Hashem, will continue on, even now that I've returned home. 

Thank you for everything and for every last detail, including the state of the apartment itself, which was impeccable and orderly. 
אשרי חלקכם!
I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you again, for all the different forms of assistance and lovely gifts you provide us with throughout the year.

With great, sincere appreciation,

That's Yad Eliezer-helping beyond the obvious...


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