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by Shalvi Waldman

0 Comments | Wednesday, January 27, 2016 under Widow and Orphan Fund, Adopt-a-Wedding , Kol Kallah Bridal Fund

Yad Eliezer Adopt-A-Wedding Program

Sara’s parents were very dedicated, spiritual and driven people. They left their families, their cultures and their hometown to follow the truth and live as Jews. Sara grew up without aunts, uncles or cousins, her parents were constantly faced with challenge of raising their children with little support. They rose to the challenge and created a warm and loving Jewish home despite the endless challenges that they faced.

When Sara reached her Bat Mitzvah her teachers and friends were there to celebrate with her, but only Sara noticed that her mother looked very pale. In the following months her condition deteriorated very quickly, and by the time Sara reached her thirteenth birthday her mother was gone. The loss was devastating, but she knew that she had to remain strong for the sake of her younger sister. Her father struggled to maintain his job and provide financially and emotionally for his girls, but the stress was more than he could handle. The social worker stepped in and arranged for Sara and Maya to take up residence at ‘Girl’s Town’ where their needs would be met. Just a few months later their father died suddenly of a heart attack and the girls were left completely alone in the world.

This past summer Sara completed her studies to become a teacher and was ready to build a home of her own. Finally she would have the stability and warmth that she has spent years longing for.

Gershon has a complex story of his own. He too left everything behind to convert to Judaism, and has studied in a Yeshiva in Jerusalem for the past three years. When Gershon and Sara met it didn’t take long for them to realize that the strengths that they had developed during their years of struggle will be the only resource that they have to build a Jewish home together. They have no family, no savings, and no one to provide for them. But they do have a strong desire to build, flexibility and resourcefulness.

Sara and Gershon are one of the dozens of couples that are getting married this month with the help of Yad Eliezer. They are two souls alone in the world with no one but each other and the support of the Yad Eliezer family.

Yad Eliezer would like to thank the anonymous donor who gifted the Yad Eliezer wedding halls with two lovely bridal chairs. When Sara sits on this chair on her wedding day he mother will not be by her side, but she’ll know that isn’t alone.

The Jewish people are taking responsibility to bring the utmost joy to her celebration.
Mazal Tov Sara and Gershon, may all of your prayers be fulfilled for the good!


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