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by Shalvi Waldman

0 Comments | Tuesday, May 12, 2015 under Adopt-a-Wedding

Support our Weddings4Weddings charity project

What if by celebrating your simcha you had a way to help someone else celebrate theirs?

We all want to give back, and what better way is there than to share that which Hashem was kind enough to give to us. The goal of Weddings 4 Weddings is to raise money to fund four weddings in Eretz Yisroel for orphaned Chossonim or Kallahs. Individuals celebrating their own simchas have the opportunity to help a couple in need, and in the process be eligible to win a photography package for their own Simcha. Regardless of whether you win or not, you get the opportunity to share your simcha with a kallah that is less fortunate.

Currently three separate photography packages have been announced

Grand prize: $10,000.00 wedding package, Second prize: Wedding photograph package valued at $6,000.00 Third prize: Family photography shoot worth $1,800.00 (please see details page for more info)

Weddings4Weddings charity project was initiated by Benjamin Kohen, a noted event photographer, and his team. Participation in the raffle is geared towards mothers of the bride, the bride to be, or friends and family of anyone getting married. Benjamin Kohen started working as a photographer several years ago and feels very fortunate to be where he is today, professionally and in regard to all areas of his life. According to Benjamin he started this project as a gesture of Hakarat Hatov for the life he is currently leading. He simply wants to give back:

“The people I came across in Monsey and the Rabbeim I met at Ohr Somayach had an atomic impact on my overall outlook on life and yiddishkeit. I cannot thank Hakodosh Boruch Hu enough for giving me a life one can only dream of. I practice what I love. I am surrounded by people who genuinely care about my well being, and the community has been nothing but welcoming from day one. I am forever indebted to Ohr Somayach and to those who helped along the way to get me where I am today. Without Ohr Someach I wouldn’t even be shooting Jewish weddings at all.”

With this hakarat hatov as a catalyst, Benjamin resolved that fifty percent of all proceeds generated by sales of the raffles will be distributed to Yad Eliezer, Adopt-a-Kallah fund. Yad Eliezer is the largest organization helping low income individuals in Israel. Whether it is with food, shelter or funds for hachnasas kallah, Yad Eliezer has helped tens of thousands across the country. The remaining fifty percent is designated to go to Ohr Somayach of Monsey as hakarat hatov for all they do for people who are searching for direction and guidance in their journey to come back to Judaism. Drawing will take place once enough funds have been raised to cover the cost of four weddings. (Each wedding is $5400)

By helping us publicize this campaign and its message, we can reach our goal faster and announce a winner sooner. By purchasing raffle tickets one is automatically entered into the contest. Each raffle is one entry. The winning vouchers are fully transferable. Winners may use the voucher for one calendar year from day of winning. Weddings can take place anywhere in the world. Travel and accommodations are not included in the raffle and will be billed extra.

So go ahead and buy a ticket today at www.wedding4weddings.com and make sure to check out Benjamin's stunning photo collection at www.benjaminkohen.com.


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