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Hakarat Hatov and deep thanks!

by Avi S.

Friday, July 01, 2022

Hakarat HaTov and deep thanks!

Baruch Hashem I was zoche to marry off my dear daughter Rachel, about three weeks ago The preparations were many. I had to deal with all of them alone, following the death of my wife Chagit, z”l about two and a half years ago. During the preparations I was notified that an organization called B’ezri offered to give the young couple all the major electrical appliances they would need on their new path together: a refrigerator, oven, washing machine, microwave and a few other items that are basic in a home. This moved me very much. We truly felt you gave the young couple air to breathe as they start their lives together; an ability to open that life in a better way. I estimate that you’ve saved us thousands of shekels, money that they can now use to begin with a bit of ease and relief. 
This week I visited the couple in their new home in Beit Shan and I saw that what you gave went above and beyond. This was given from the heart, given with love, given with great thought and quality items, especially for those who are shomer shabbat.
It’s not easy for a child to walk to the chuppah without a mother to support her. It’s impossible to replace a mother. But with your donation, we’ve been given the feeling we’re not alone. There is someone out there who is accompanying us in our happy times. 

Yehi Ratzon that you will always be zoche and us as well, to be in the position of giving with a wide hand. We thank you very much and our hearts are full of appreciation for your generosity, especially in the mechubad way it was given.
Thank you from me and also on behalf of the young couple.
Avi S.

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