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Smiles on Purim

by M. Baum

0 Comments | Monday, March 12, 2012 under Holiday Fund

The Azulai family of Yerushalayim always struggled to make it to the end of the month. Recently however, their financial situation had taken a turn for the worse, as the father developed severe heart problems and was unable to work.

Unfortunately, just weeks before Purim, he passed away, leaving a widow and 8 young sons, one of whom will become a Bar Mitzvah in just 6 weeks. The family is distraught, and desperately trying to put their lives back together. This is one of the many families who received matanot l'evyonim through Yad Eliezer on Purim day. When Yad Eliezer volunteers visited and on Purim, they described a home filled with sadness, with children wearing costumes and despondent faces.

Mrs. Azulai has nowhere to turn, for financial or emotional support. But the warm feeling she received along with the food coupons that were delivered to her on Purim let her know that Yad Eliezer will be there for her and her children.



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