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North Shore Hebrew Academy raises $7,000 for our Chanukah distribution

by KR

0 Comments | Thursday, December 07, 2023 under Chanukah help

What’s the best way to boost a Chanukah distribution, one that goes from helping 600 families to 1000 families?

Be on the receiving end of generous, talented donors like students and staff of the North Shore Hebrew Academy in Great Neck, New York. NHSA held a very successful pre-Thanksgiving bake sale (with nearly 100 bakers from the community and local bakeries, who sold over 100 items — pies, cakes, breads, challahs, cookies, brownies, and more) and decided to donate the proceeds to B’ezri. The timing couldn’t be better, as we were in the process of ordering Chanukah packages for families in the southern cities of Ofakim, Netivot and Ashkelon. These packages contain activities for the whole family including stained glass painting kits, diamond art, paint by numbers and books-so many projects to keep families with kids of all ages entertained over the holiday. The gifts mean so much to families who are still suffering from the effects of the war. These items are a good distraction and build quality family time, bringing joy and celebration back to Chanukah, as there should be.

Thanks to NSHA we were able to increase our order and send 1000 families this beautiful package. 

"This Chanukah feels very different for Jewish communities all over the world, especially those living in Israel" says NSHA. "For students looking to give back during the Festival of Lights, there’s no better way than to provide some holiday normalcy for the children most impacted. We were looking for a relatively easy way to raise money for an organization in Israel,” NSHA president Daniella Muller says. “Bake sales are popular in our community and afford people a way to contribute and participate in a fundraiser without a huge monetary or time commitment.”

Each package includes a special note from the NSHA community that reads: “The North Shore Hebrew Academy wishes you a meaningful and peaceful Chanukah. We hope this small gesture from our families to yours brings happiness and light as we remember the miracles of Chanukah. May we always share our strength and our faith that has carried us through history and will continue to carry us forward.”

We are honored to be the recipient of such a wonderful initiative, one that helped us spread this chesed project even further than we had planned! Thank you to Beth Goldman for hosting the event in her home, Jen Hajiby, Daniella Kirschner and Daniella Hakimian for helping plan and coordinate it, and all the wonderful bakers who, judging by the success of the sale, really know what they’re doing! Wishing all a sweet and happy Chanukah!



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