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0 Comments | Monday, October 31, 2022 under Feed-a-Baby, Adopt-a-Wedding , Kol Kallah Bridal Fund, Bar Mitzvah Project

American Friends of Yad Eliezer | B'ezri is always grateful for the consistent support of our generous donors. It's what enables us, of course, to reach out to countless Israeli families with invaluable tzedaka help that impacts their lives. Throughout the year, week in and week out, financial aid comes our way which we carefully, effectively and discreetly distribute to families in all corners of the country through our 20+ practical programs (all with our low overhead of just 4%, making us a top Israeli charity). Thanks to that low overhead plus our streamlined procedures, we're able to stretch the tzedaka we receive as far as possible, getting the most we can out of every dollar to pass on to those in need.

Less traditional forms of tzedaka

Sometimes, though, tzedaka comes in less traditional forms. We've had a grandmother who knitted baby blankets specifically for needy infants, like those who benefit from our Feed A Baby program. One donor provided us with a beautiful new Tallis and Tefillin case to give a needy Bar Mitzvah boy. Another contributed expensive candlesticks specifically for a needy Kallah. And the list goes on...
These once-every-so-often donations (we don't get them every day!) are unique, thoughtful and of the highest quality. They are certainly "untraditional", and we work to find good, appropriate homes for them, ensuring they get to families who need them most.  

A new purpose for an antique ring

Recently, Estee, a flight attendant from the U.S., visited our office to bring us one of these "untraditional" donations. Hers came in the form of a beautiful, antique diamond ring. Estee has been a generous donor of ours in the past and when she purchased the ring but then found it wasn't right for her, she didn't want to sell it. She wanted to make sure she could do something meaningful and important with it-something as special, perhaps, as the ring itself. And she did. Familiar with our programs and our mission to help struggling families, many of whom live in desperate need, Estee knew that a diamond ring  - a quite expensive one, in this case - was something a poor chosson and kallah could only dream of. So on a trip to Israel a few weeks ago, ring in hand, Estee made our office one of her destinations. 

"I'm hoping that this ring can be donated as an engagement ring to someone who cannot afford one for their bride, but would like one", she says. 

With requests for wedding support streaming in on a daily basis, American Friends of Yad Eliezer | B'ezri knows all too well the need that families are facing. The rise in the cost of living has added so much strain to so many households and a gift such as this will make a real difference for a couple who would otherwise have no opportunity to own this kind of item.
Estee, we're on it. And we thank you for your incredibly generous "untraditional" donation! 

Estee, our ring donor


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