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We're bringing joy this wedding season

by KR

0 Comments | Thursday, June 23, 2022 under Adopt-a-Wedding

It's officially wedding season, and while families everywhere are busy making plans for their smachot, American Friends of Yad Eliezer | B'ezri is helping needy Israeli households across the country, do the same. 

These are families of all shapes and sizes that are truly struggling - whether it's because parents earn low incomes or, due to unemployment, earn no income at all. Whether someone in the family is battling a chronic illness or a mental health crisis. Whether the home environment is breaking down due to divorce or has been suffering following the death of a parent.

In other words, families who have no savings or any realistic way to pay for wedding expenses, without resorting to taking out loans that trap them, for decades, in debt. Debt that worsens the challenges they already deal with, on a day to day basis.  

We're helping families like...
Yisrael Meir's, who was just eight years old when his father passed away. His mother struggled to make ends meet, raising Yisrael Meir and his brother on a government issued survivor's stipend. When Yisrael Meir was twelve, his mother had a breakdown and was admitted to a psychiatric institution for care. Though she was released, the situation in the home was dysfunctional, so Yisrael Meir went to live with a neighboring family and has been with them ever since. Sadly, Yisrael Meir's foster mother was just hospitalized erev Shavuos with a tumor. Yisrael Meir is getting married this month but as a yasom (and especially now with the medical issues for his foster family) he is truly on his own to find funding to make his wedding. His birth mother is not in any position to help and he has incurred his own debts over the years. 

And people like Liba...
...who is undergoing extremely difficult cancer treatments and has also undergone amputation surgeries. The family's situation is dire not only because of the anguish caused by Liba's health problems but also financial stresses for her care and the daily needs of the family. Past weddings for older children have worsened the significant debt in the home. Liba's husband earns a low salary and it nowhere near covers their expenses. Liba's daughter Golda is getting married and the family has no relatives to turn to, for wedding assistance. 

Plus Chava's parents...
...who work hard to support their family, living with little and doing their best not to spend beyond their means. Chava's mother is an assistant in a preschool and her father learns for half a day and is a melamed for the other half. Despite their efforts, though, the situation in the home is strained, especially when yomim tovim come around and when extra needs arise. Chava's wedding is approaching quickly and her parents are very worried about how to pay for her expenses.

With our donors' hachnosas kallah support, American Friends of Yad Eliezer creates the simcha for their simchas and so many others, via the tzedaka that enables them to make preparations for one of the most important & memorable occasions in their lives. This month alone over 130 families are receiving invaluable financial help that is really making a difference - alleviating the tremendous anxiety and stress of chossonim, kallahs, and parents. 

But there's so much more we can do! 
Requests pour in every day and with your generosity, we can continue bringing the sasson and simcha to as many families in need as possible.


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