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"I opened this email and just burst out crying!"

An exchange with a single mother regarding her Bar Mitzvah request...

by KR

0 Comments | Wednesday, November 17, 2021 under Bar Mitzvah Project

Take a look at an email conversation that speaks for itself. This is the kind of impact our tzedaka makes on needy families, every single day.

Single Mother: “Hello, I am hoping you can help me. My son is about to be a bar mitzvah in just a few weeks and I have no way I can make a simcha or buy tefillin for him. I’ve attached my application, along with references, with details about our situation. When you read it you will understand better...My heart breaks for my son, who has already suffered so much in his life. Every morning it is so difficult for him to get up and face the hardships... I really need help to make this Bar Mitzva a reality. I really, really wish I can make him a beautiful Bar Mitzva like everyone else in his class has and he so deserves. But I dont have the means, and it breaks my heart. 
I know it’s getting close and I need to do something to start planning but I don’t feel like I can, my hands are tied. Without the funds, I really don’t know how or what to do for him. 
 Any help would be a huge help and very appreciated. My forms are attached. Thank you!”

Our Bar Mitzvah Coordinator: "Thank you, we have received your application. We will let you know if we are able to help." 
BMC: "Hello again, your application was approved-and a donor stepped forward to help; we will be able to send you $1000 for your son's bar mitzvah, transferred on or around the 20th of the month. Mazal Tov!"
SM: Thank you so much!!! I have been so stressed out about this, it's been making me sick. 
I really, really appreciate this help, I cannot thank you and your donors enough!

SM: "Hello again, I just wanted to let you know I received the bank transfer and I truly can’t thank you enough. This is a huge help in making my son’s simcha!"
BMC: "Mazal tov, again. You should only have simchas and nachas."
SM: "AMEN!!! Thank you so much!"
BMC: "Hello, 
I wanted to update you, another donor learned of your situation, and we’ve received an additional $1000 donation for your Bar Mitzvah..." 
SM: "OMG!! I opened this email and just burst out crying! 
I’m still shaking…
What a relief..what a flood of emotions this brought me.
I had such a breakdown yesterday..regretting I ever told my son I would try to make him a “normal” simcha, something like the other boys in his class have. 
I just don’t understand how people do it. 
This is such a nice surprise, such a relief, I can’t even put this into words. 
Thank you Hashem, thank you Hashem and thank you sooo much.
Thank you, thank you!"



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