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When Chesed Feels “More Valuable Than Gold”

Families beautifully express their gratitude for our support

by KR

0 Comments | Thursday, October 07, 2021 under Adopt-a-Wedding

With a new year underway it’s always nice to start it off by reading some new thank you letters we’ve received from families we’ve been able to help. You never know what kind of letter will come in and when, but they are often full of beautiful sentiment and sincere thanks. American Friends of Yad Eliezer’s mission is carried out from the heart. We’re here to help families in any way we are able to: whether it’s for an expense such as food, or a simcha, or for something less common..we’ll do our best to find a way to provide aid and take care of the details. And though chesed is done for chesed’s sake and not for thanks, the feedback from recipients always gives chizuk, constantly bringing us encouragement, guiding and inspiring us as we continually strive to move forward and be present for families’ needs. 

We look forward to the zchus this new year of bringing urgent tzedaka to parents and children who need it most, and invite you, as our partners, to share in the thanks.

To the Sarei Chesed of American Friends of Yad Eliezer,

I will never truly be able to stop my words of thanks, expressing my gratitude for the tremendous chesed you’ve done for us.
When I first approached you for help with our daughter’s wedding, my request was written straight from the heart,
which at the time, was in despair.

I felt that my burdens - both financial and emotional, were too heavy for me. They were such tremendous burdens weighing on my shoulders. The truth is, and I won’t deny it, that as I cried out to you, I told myself that even if I wasn’t successful in my request for help, at least I did the best I could.

I have to tell you, I could never have estimated the greatness of the nefashos of Am Yisrael. I could never have imagined how generously you opened your hands to help us, to save a family from falling into the depths.
And to help them build one of the מחרבות ירושלים, in its glory.

The feeling you’ve given us, through your generosity, is simply priceless-more valuable than gold. 
How can I ever thank you?

The best I can do, is to give you brachos - that the zchus of your incredible tzedaka, and the zchus of helping us bear our burden-which you’ve greatly eased-should stand for you. You should be blessed from Shamayim with abundance- in ruchniyus and gashmiyus, in nachas and harvacha in all you do. May you be written in the sifrei of the Tzadikkim for a blessed, good year, a year of geula and yeshua among Beis Yisrael.

With brachos and appreciation from the bottom of our hearts,
The H. family

Thank you, thank you, to the generous donors!
We are speechless. How can we possibly find the words to thank you sufficiently?

You helped us with the purchase of new beds for our children! In the simplest of terms, you have enabled them to sleep properly, without being piled one on top of the other. How much light, how much happiness this has brought into our family! How much yishuv ha'daas and simchas ha'nefesh now exists in our home. And it’s all in your zchus. 

Only Hashem knows of this chesed, which is among the other tremendous chasadim you do. I wish there was some way I could repay you, though the value of your mitzvah is worth more than any amount of silver or gold. Only Hashem can repay your chesed, and may He do so בכפל כלפיים. What I can do is bless you with a bracha from the depths of our hearts. May you never know from any kind of need, and may you receive endless nachas from your children. May Birkas Hashem dwell in your household always, and may the gates of Siyata D’shmaya forever be open to you. May you continue to be able to help Am Yisrael from a place of simcha and shalvas hanefesh!! 
אך טוב וחסד ירדפוך כל ימי חייך 

P. family



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