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"Abba, are you back to yourself now?"

Yad Eliezer's radar detects Meron families' needs

by KR

0 Comments | Sunday, August 15, 2021 under Widow and Orphan Fund, Corona Relief Campaign, Keren Almanos, Meron Tragedy-Emergency Help

Yad Eliezer is known as one of the top Israeli charities in the country, and there are good reasons why. Vast experience (over three decades' worth!), extremely low overhead, careful financial planning and responsible management & allocation of funding have transformed what was once a small, living room-based operation into a chesed organization numbering more than 20 critical social service programs and running on a budget of over $80 million dollars.

In addition to the impressive technical details above, another of Yad Eliezer's strengths is its radar: how sharply it's tuned into new and developing needs of Israel's poor. While we provide assistance for food, holidays, celebrations, mentoring, emergency expenses and other critical necessities (we're well known for our programs) on an ongoing basis, we also jump into action when current events suddenly affect the population, creating added need in homes that were already struggling, and presenting challenges to those who abruptly find themselves facing financial strain.

Covid help and assistance for Meron families

We did this when the covid pandemic threw families into crisis, providing over $3.5 million dollars in critical support to households throughout Israel. And when the Meron tragedy occured in May, we set up our emergency fund to help the affected families, within 48 hours.

For most people, the Meron story has faded a bit into the background, but the almanos, children and families of the victims are constantly on the Yad Eliezer radar. Our representatives are in regular contact with the families we're assisting, carefully evaluating their needs and providing support for them. The majority are desperate for grief counseling which they can't afford, and we're there to alleviate the costs. Other necessities include help with victims' medical expenses connected to the incident. As usual we're stepping in to lessen suffering in whatever ways are needed.

Special three day program 

Most recently, thanks to Yad Eliezer's co-sponsorship, the families were provided with a three day program at the Royal hotel at the Dead Sea / Kibbutz Chofetz Chaim. Licensed counselors were on staff to work with the families, and kids' activities including organized games and the use of a pool were available. The trip, the ability to “get away” and get help, brought them all meaningful emotional relief. The families had the opportunity to meet each other and get to know one another, something that gave them a feeling of togetherness and brought them chizuk.

Grateful for support

The reactions were full of positivity and appreciation. “This was an incredible experience for us, it really gave us some release”, “We enjoyed this very, very much!” “This brought my children so much joy-and if my children are happy, this brings me happiness” are just a few of the many comments we received, in thanks for the trip.

One of the most moving comments came from a child who noticed his father smiling. “Abba", he asked, "are you back to yourself now?”

Yad Eliezer is proud that our radar detects families' needs, so we can provide them with the multi faceted forms of support we do.
We always strive to help families get "back to themselves".

Your help always makes a difference.


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