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Back to Normal was so Close

Covid, Meron and now, rockets

by KR

0 Comments | Wednesday, May 12, 2021 under Food Boxes, Widow and Orphan Fund, Holiday Fund, Corona Relief Campaign

Life in Israel seemed to be getting pretty close to back to normal just a few weeks ago, with a large percentage of citizens having been vaccinated or recovered from Covid, and stores, businesses and schools reopening. But then the Lag B’Omer tragedy occured in Meron, throwing everyone for a loop and families into crisis. And now, Israel is under fire, causing further crisis on multiple levels…we are davening (praying) that this latest challenge will be resolved asap and that no more lives will be lost.

From the living room to the warehouse +

Long before Covid existed, Yad Eliezer was there. You may know the story...the organization started small, as a neighborhood food basket distribution run from a living room, aimed at bringing a level of normalcy to struggling families. And then it grew over the years (30+) into the multi-program, multi million dollar chesed organization (one of the top Israeli charities) that it is today, providing not only food from our warehouse to thousands of needy families each month, but the most well thought out forms of assistance, effectively distributed via incredibly low overhead-once again, to help families feel normal.
Our level of readiness, spontaneity and social awareness is so significant that when the unexpected occurs, Yad Eliezer is among the first to provide relief. 

Aid for Covid affected families

Take the Covid crisis, for example. When it became a strange new reality a little over a year ago (so not normal), Yad Eliezer jumped into action almost immediately. We saw how quickly people’s lives were being turned upside down due to the pandemic, especially because of job losses. And how families were quickly descending into poverty previously unknown. Our Corona Relief Campaign has, since its start, provided more than $3 million dollars to keep thousands of faltering families, stable. 

Support for Meron's victims' families

When the Meron tragedy struck on the Thursday night of Lag B’Omer, Yad Eliezer put the Meron Crisis Relief Campaign into motion by Friday morning. Funds collected are being used to help affected families now, but are also being earmarked for their carefully assessed needs these next few months. Even after time passes and public attention is drawn elsewhere, we will still be there, providing support for their necessities. 

Shavuos and rockets

And now...right before Shavuous (for which Yad Eliezer's Holiday Fund is helping needy families with holiday expenses) we are facing the phenomenon of rockets raining down on much of the country. Hopefully this will end quickly but as of now, our doors are open and we’re here for families to turn to if needs arise during this situation.

The need for Normal

There is so much we do, but we could never do it alone. Something Yad Eliezer is shown again and again throughout the years and throughout the crises, is the generosity and kindness of our supporters. And we thank you, as always, for helping us, once again, bring some “normal”, to people who need it most.


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