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Coats & Quilts Across the Country

A quick look behind the scenes of Yad Eliezer's Winter Warmth distributions

by Karen Reiffman

0 Comments | Thursday, January 14, 2021 under News & Events , Emergency Fund, Winter Warmth Campaign, Corona Relief Campaign

Just a few weeks ago, I wrote about Asher (one of our community representatives who was running a Yad Eliezer coats and blankets distribution in the town where he works) and this moving story related to the importance of our Winter Warmth Campaign, which continues to transform the lives of Israel's neediest families this winter. With chalukot (distributions) running in more than 30 cities throughout Israel, you can be sure there are countless stories about the comfort and relief we're able to bring to struggling households, as they're provided with warm coats, blankets and heaters.

So here's another one. It comes, this time, from our gabbai tzedaka/coordinator in Ramot, shortly after he witnessed the following exchange during one of the chalukot he was running:

“A little boy from a needy family just received a coat from Yad Eliezer. This family is really poor...the boy has never gotten a new, warm coat in his young life. After watching him put it on and chatting with him, his mother began to cry out of happiness. She had asked him, 'Why do you think that you were able to get a new coat this year?' The boy answered, 'Since the beginning of the winter, I’ve been asking Hashem to send me one...so of course I got it!'"

Now, if you've ever wondered what a Yad Eliezer coat and blanket distribution actually looks like, it may not be as you imagine. This is Israel, so they take on all kinds of appearances, especially this year, due to COVID 19 restrictions.

You may find blankets and coats arranged on tables in a shul.

Or they may be in boxes on someone’s mirpeset.

A distribution can be in a family’s living room or hallway.

It can be in a miklat (bomb shelter) or even set up along a sidewalk outside, weather permitting.

But regardless of the form, these countrywide chalukot elicit the emotional reactions they do, because our campaign is critical. Thousands of needy children and young women from all over Israel are now able to brave the cold, wet weather with a new coat, and parents can tuck their kids in at night with the reassurance that they’ll sleep under new, warm blankets (actually, many like to sleep in their new coats, too!). The weather has gotten especially wintry and apartments are frigid so this aid is truly bettering the lives of so many.


No matter where they take place, our unique Winter Warmth Campaign chalukot could never happen without your help!

When you take a look at these photos, know that the recipients in the living rooms, hallways, shuls, bomb shelters, mirpasot and sidewalks across the country will be going home happier - and warmer - because of you.


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