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“We Believe in You, We Are Here For You…”

The message that accompanies Yad Eliezer’s Assistance

by Karen Reiffman

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If you’re familiar with Yad Eliezer, you’re probably familiar with the myriad programs we run. We have, after all, over twenty of them. We help struggling individuals, single mothers and whole families with food aid and provide holiday help for needy IDF soldiers. We are there when tuition fees are overdue and tefillin needs to be bought. We reach out to poor couples who want to get married and babies’ parents who can’t afford formula. We provide mentors for kids at risk and we’re racing against the clock to save families at risk due to COVID 19. And to tell you the truth, there are also countless other kinds of assistance we send people that many aren’t even aware of, help that falls into a category of its own, bringing life-changing relief. But that's something for another time....  

All the aid and support provided through Yad Eliezer are made possible thanks to your donations. By helping people who are suffering, we collectively send the message that we really care, that we really want to help. And that message is received. One recent recipient, a divorced woman struggling to rebuild her life, felt it and told us so: 

"I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the help you have given me, specifically in your gifting me with a new refrigerator. I cannot put words to explain how meaningful it means to me to be supported by the larger Jewish community at large, as represented by your organization.

Divorce is one of those things that by definition is synonymous with shame. We in the Torah observant community rightfully place tremendous emphasis on preserving the institution of marriage and shalom bayis. Nevertheless, when that is so tragically taken from us, it often leads to great stigma and isolation.   

Personally, I gave every ounce of my being to do what I could that my home and family should remain intact. Divorce was and is the last thing that I wanted in my life. And I certainly didn't want to become a burden to the community.  

Nevertheless, there is a great rehabilitation process, as my life was left shattered after decades of fighting to survive in the face of trauma and dysfunction. I am trying to build myself financially, but even more important, to heal physically and emotionally from all I went through.

When it comes to the sick, to widows and orphans, and terror victims, Baruch Hashem we know not to judge, but just to help. Somehow walking around with a failed marriage is a big source of shame and judgement in and of itself, aside from the pain of the aloneness and the painful past. To be gifted with a new refrigerator, was a message of "We believe in you; we are here for you; keep going and rebuilding; you are worthy of respect and stature." 

I ask Hashem that I should be zocheh to fill the refrigerator with Shabbos and Yontif foods that I can share with others, nutritious nourishing food to rehabilitate myself and others, and a symbol that I am a beloved Bas Yisroel like every other Bas Yisroel, married or not.

May the sensitivity of you having a special department for divorcees, be a zechus for your organization, that in these trying times, that you continue to receive funding and be able to execute your wonderful and holy work.

With deepest thanks, 
An anonymous woman in EY"

These inspiring thoughts go out to you, our donors.
As we make our way into the new year, we thank you, especially during these difficult times, for your support, and for enabling us to show thousands of needy families that we are here. And that we believe in them.


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