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Coming Soon-Yad Eliezer's New Wedding Halls!

by Karen Reiffman

0 Comments | Monday, June 26, 2017 under Adopt-a-Wedding

A Beautiful New Venue & a New Opportunity to Support our Adopt-A-Wedding Program

Yad Eliezer weddings take place at our exquisite venues, Armonot Wolf in Jerusalem and Armonot Friedman in Bnei Brak. Both locales are on par with more expensive halls in the area but our weddings are made at subsidized prices, saving families thousands of shekels. Over 15,000 beautiful simchas have been made there and the demand is ongoing. There is so much need for this kind of service.

So you can imagine our great excitement over the acquisition of our brand new complex, Ahuzat Tal Ashdod which, after renovations, will open soon in Ashdod, Israel. This is the first and only venue of its kind in the southern region of the country. It will be consistent with Yad Eliezer’s goal of providing beautiful, respectable weddings for families without breaking the bank.

New couples and their guests will celebrate in three sparkling new halls, including one designed specifically in the Sefardic style. Three weddings a day over the course of 160 days in the calendar means there will be dancing at 480 weddings a year!

The dazzling Ahuzat Tal Ashdod complex is located on eleven dunams of land and includes all the amenities necessary for hosting weddings at Yad Eliezer’s highest standards including fully equipped kitchens, seating for 1,400 guests in the three halls, ample parking and more.

Check back soon for details about our grand opening. We can’t wait to share our excitement with you!
With the summer wedding season in full swing, brides and grooms-to-be everywhere are especially busy with plans and preparations. Here at Yad Eliezer though, weddings are in season all year long. Our Adopt A Wedding program, which enables couples from around the world to sponsor modest but elegant weddings of needy couples in Israel, brings so much joy to the recipients (and the sponsors, too). One look at our calendar shows just how busy our “year-long wedding season” is.


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