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Are you hungry?

by Shalvi Waldman

0 Comments | Sunday, July 17, 2016 under Food Boxes, Feed-a-Baby, Surplus Produce, Shabbat Chicken, Meals-on-Wheels

Help us support hundreds of thousands of children in Israel living below the poverty line

Thanks to donors like you, Yad Eliezer is able to provide food security to many thousands of people each month. Our various programs cater to the needs of the recipients, whether its home cooked meals for the elderly or infirm, or food boxes delivered discretely to help families fill their cabinets, or meat and chickens for single mothers who have only been able to provide a diet high in carbohydrates.

One single mother recently told me that when her previously underweight son started learning this year in a yeshiva with a dorm, he put on 10 kg in the first couple of months. For the first time in years he had access to as much food as he needed, three times a day. Meat was no longer a once a week occasion, and fruits and vegetables were available with each meal. His gaunt face filled out, and he was able to better concentrate on his studies. When she understood how much difference those well balanced meals made in his life she felt all the more devastated that he had gone for years without it.

Now that his school year is nearly over she is relying on the contents of her Yad Eliezer food box, and weekly vegetable distribution to provide as many meals as possible.

At Yad Eliezer we meet men, women and even children, every day who are lacking the basic nutrition that most of us take for granted.

Thanks to generous donors like you, many families living in poverty are blessed with the normalcy of a well balanced meal, so they can get past their hunger and get on with life.

Thank you for partnering with Yad Eliezer in this life changing work.
When is the last time that you were really hungry? For most of us hunger comes gently, an anticipation of the coming meal. But for the hundreds of thousands of children in Israel living below the poverty line, hunger is a constant companion. It’s a kind of hunger that makes it difficult to think, difficult to learn, difficult to fall asleep at night, and difficult to face life’s challenges. It’s the kind of hunger that in the long run can lead to lifelong problems.


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