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Ahuzat Friedman: Continuing the Chasuna Revolution


Sunday, November 12, 2017

Just three years ago, Armonot Friedman, Yad Eliezer's wedding halls in Bnei Brak, opened their doors. The beautiful venue continued Yad Eliezer's unique tradition of giving people the opportunity to make exquisite, high class weddings at subsidized prices, and has been a huge success since day one. Weddings at Armonot Friedman and Armonot Wolf in Jerusalem are scheduled for nearly every night of the year. New couples and their families are continuously thrilled that they can make an elegant simcha without breaking the bank and going into terrible debt.

So it is with great excitement that in just a few weeks, Achuzat Friedman halls in Ashdod will be next in line, joining the Yad Eliezer "chasuna revolution". The first of its kind in Israel's south, Achuzat Friedman is bringing Yad Eliezer's expertise in providing low cost, high quality weddings to this region. This brand new, breathtaking three-hall venue (three weddings a night!) have been beautifully designed to the highest standards, ensuring they speak to the tastes of the Sefardic and Ashkenazic communities.

Click here to read all about Achuzat Friedman in Ashdod, and the history of Yad Eliezer's "chasuna revolution" in a recent issue of Inyan magazine (Hamodia).

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