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"In your zechut, there is Torah! Lots of Torah!"

by Yitzchak K.

Thursday, June 27, 2024

To the supporters of Melamdim of Tinokot shel Beis Rabban,

In Masechet Avot it is written: אם אין קמח אין תורה. It is as simple as that. If we the melamdim are lacking “קמח”, there won’t be Torah for the Tinokot shel Beis Rabban. Especially in these recent years, when funds for melamdim are low, and it's well known that the salaries are nothing to speak of in our field. But during a time when it could be so easy to damage limud Torah, you are strongly supporting the greatness of Torah, providing the “קמח” with a generous heart and soul. And in your zechut, there is Torah! Lots of Torah!

In the zechut of your wonderful monthly help, that is continuous like the tick of a clock, quietly, without drawing attention, you are supporting and helping melamdim who are are “groaning” under the weight of trying to make a parnassa. Therefore I must thank you for the “קמח” and express the little I am able to, out of my tremendous hakoras hatov and appreciation. And b’ezrat Hashem, thanks to your support may this be a year of Torah, lots of Torah!

I would like to wish you that along with all the Shivtei Yisrael, that the Torah of the Tinokot shel Beis Raban protect you and all Beis Yisrael. May you be zoche to help many more in the coming years from a place of good health and shefa, from a place of nachat. May Hashem fulfill the desires of your heart for the good. And just as you have dealt with us with tzedaka and chesed, may Hashem do the same with you but doubly.

May you be zoche to continue in your blessed activities for all your days, may they be many.
With thanks, emotion, and endless gratitude and appreciation,
Yitzchak K.

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