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A new washing machine gives a divorced mother-in-need dignity & validation

by Nina N.

Sunday, May 12, 2024

Dear B'ezri,

“As I write this, I am also hanging out clean laundry to dry - and I am so excited!
Before my children went to bed tonight, they asked me, ‘Ima, when are you going to sleep?’ They don’t usually ask this but they saw the pure joy on my face and understood that I was looking forward to spending the evening with my new washing machine.

It’s true!

Hours before Pesach I received the most valuable gift I’ve ever gotten in my lifetime-validation that I am a functioning homemaker and validation in the fact that people are helping me as I raise my seven children; seven children whose father found a different family to raise.

But my children, thank G-d have a loving mother and I have a loving Father in Shamayim. And because of them, together will all the good messengers who we are zoche to meet, B”H I have peace of mind. And now I can go back, full-force to realizing my zechut in running my home properly, and I never want to give it up!

How wonderful it is-have you ever thought about it? To be able to wash clothes whenever you choose, to do as much laundry as you need…This zechut, this goodness-I have received it thanks to your donors.
They are ‘anashim tovim’ (good people)-I’m sure of it. 

So I would like to give your donors this bracha: May you continue to be ‘shlichim tovim’ (good messengers) who bring the shefa of Hashem to Am Yisrael. May you be blessed with nachat and calm all your days and nights thanks to your ma’asim tovim (good deeds) and may you continue to do many more acts of chesed for Am Yisrael.”

Nina N.

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