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During a time of tzara, Am Yisrael unites with love and generosity

by C. family

Wednesday, November 01, 2023

We don’t have the words to thank you. 
הבט ד' משמיים וראה"
"את עמך ישראל – גוי אחד בארץ
That during a time of tzara, Am Yisrael unites with love and generosity. There is no way to describe the genuine happiness, the practical help, the solace.
The encouragement and good feeling that this package gave our children-the candies, books and art projects that arrived on erev Shabbos.
It hasn’t been an easy week, shut in the house, afraid and davening, hoping for as many zechuyos as possible..everyone looking for something to eat and something positive to do. Hearing booms and sirens and a lot of bad news. Funerals of friends families…
Then suddenly that happy package-one that brings light, keeps kids busy.
We are sure that the generosity and chesed of our brothers from afar will stand before the kisei ha’kavod and bring invaluable zechuyos.

הבט משמים וראה, מי כעמך ישראל!
In the name of all the families, thank you!
C. family, Ofakim

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