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"What you have done for us, the grushot, is a wonderful chesed."

by Bracha T.

Sunday, May 28, 2023

To B’ezri Shalom U’vracha,

I was so excited to receive the beautiful and helpful Shavuos package. I can see that you really care-you want to help us and make us happy. You see the daily struggles grushot (divorced women) deal with.
Many times I think, “It seems like it would be easier if I were an Almana; I’d be able to raise my children without conflict, without as many problems, maybe I wouldn’t have to beg so much for help.”

The food package was really a treat, so special. It filled me with the feeling that people out there understand the hardships my children and I battle. We received, in the kindest and friendliest way, quality products that brought such happiness into our home in anticipation of Chag.

I just wanted to thank you in the simplest way-what you have done for us, the grushot, is a wonderful chesed. 
I would like to note that your organization is among the only ones that helps us without making us jump through many hoops. You simply understand our situation and you’ve provided the most respectful and precious help!

May you always continue to do good for Am Yisrael and bring joy to everyone!
With deep appreciation,
Bracha T.

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