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This was our own Purim miracle!

by families

Wednesday, March 15, 2023

A huge thank you for the help today!
This was mamash our own Purim nes and it came at exactly the right time, so we could shop for the Purim Seuda.
You’ve mamash brought us such happiness.

Purim Sameach,
Racheli B.

Thank you very much for the money you sent us l’chvod the Seudat Purim.
I was able to treat my children with all my heart, and without worry.
And they so enjoyed everything. 
But I’ll share something quietly with you: the one who enjoyed the most out of everyone, is me! You mamash brought us such happiness.
Tizku L'mitzvot!
And may the simcha of Purim accompany you all during the entire year!

With great appreciation,
Sarit K.

Just this minute, with great excitement I heard the message about the help with the Seudat Purim…definitely exciting! And it will definitely help!
Thank you very much for the hishtadlut! ה’ ישלם שכרכם

Chedva S.

Wow, you’ve made me so happy, thank you very much.
I haven’t been able to shop for Chag yet, but now I can.
תבורכו מיפי עליון

Chag Purim Sameach and all the yeshuot, amen!
Love, Nitza G.

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