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You are helping my daughters with their futures

by Esther A.

Monday, January 09, 2023

Dear B'ezri,

I received your assistance, which is helping me pay my daughters' tuition bills.
As a single mother I don't need to explain to you the extent of expenses I have for necessities in the home- even for the minimal requirements and the difficulty I face in meeting them. You understand the situation very well. Your support, without a doubt, is helping me tremendously - not only financially but also emotionally. By providing me with the feeling that you are sharing in my burden, you are giving me a feeling of encouragement, which is easing my situation. And, of course, you are helping my daughters with their futures!

May you be blessed from Hashem Ha'Tov, with all the brachos in the Torah for all your good days, for shalom, shefa bracha, hatzlacha and kol tuv, amen!

With much appreciation,
Esther A.

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