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Your help gives us the koach ללמוד וללמד from a place of love and Siyata D’shmaya

by Melamdim

Tuesday, August 16, 2022

To the Honorable Donor,

With these lines I’ve come to thank you from the depths of my heart l’maalat kavod Torahto and to express just a fraction of the tremendous hakoras hatov I have for you, for your dedication to the melamdei tinokot shel beit rabban-without noise, bells or whistles, but with the quiet and modest support and monthly help you provide. There is no need to go on at length about how this helps us very, very much. And specifically during this time when the cost of living is so high and “כלתה פרוטה מן הכיס”. Your support definitely, definitely helps us and is very important to us. 

Thank you for the encouragement and the wonderful feeling, the koach that you give to the families of the melamdim who are doing their holy shlichut with dedication 24/7…Knowing that there is a kindhearted person who takes into account the well-being of Melamdei tinokot shel beit rabban, encourages us and gives us the koach to continue to help and to ללמוד וללמד from a place of love and Siyata D’shmaya.

May it be Hashem’s will that you are blessed from the Source of the brachos, with all the best in ruchniyus and gashmiyus, for both you and your family.

With great appreciation,
M. D., Talmud Torah, Ofakim

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