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If we hadn’t witnessed it ourselves...

by Kupat Tzedaka of Ramot Daled, Jerusalem

Monday, January 03, 2022

With these lines we’d like to express our amazement at the wonderful program you’ve created and carried out: the incredible distribution of blankets and quality coats, to needy families this winter.

If we hadn’t witnessed it ourselves, we could never have grasped how special these distributions were - the light, happiness and hope in the eyes of the families, their tremendous happiness… there was such a feeling of Ahavat Achim.

In the name of the families in our neighborhood, we are sending brachot of great thanks and “והריקותי לכם ברכה עד בלי די”. And in the zchus of Ahavas Chinam and the zchus of Gomlei Tzadikim Tovim, may we be zoche to see Yeshuos of Am Yisrael, quickly in our times.

With heartfelt thanks and great appreciation, Kupat Tzedaka of Ramot Daled, Jerusalem

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