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A creative expression of gratitude


Monday, January 05, 2015

Tzvi's family has been going through hard times and recieving food vouchers from Yad Eliezer to help them get by. His response was priceless:

To the Generous Donors- Thank You!!!

There is a kind of giving whose main goal is win

The honor of others, their deepest respect.

And while such giving is certainly no sin,

It is motivated by the praise that the giver expects.

And then there is giving that is truly 'lishma'

The heart of a Jew fulfilling 'na'aseh ve'nishma'

A chesed that flows from souls longing to give

It makes a huge difference in how others will live.

Like an angel who comes to bestow good straight from heaven

Allowing us to celebrate our shabbos, the seventh.

Your precious gift arrives on a monthly basis

It is like a cool drink in a desert oasis.

I don't have enough words to properly thank

May HaShem credit your spiritual bank

May you be blessed with every sort of blessing

Ad bli dai, no limits or repressing!

My gratitude to you will continue to overflow

And may Hashem upon you every blessing bestow!

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