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Winter Warmth Distribution in Kiryat Atta Makes the News

by KR

Wednesday, February 01, 2023

In addition to the other 43 cities that benefitted from our Winter Warmth Campaign, Kiryat Atta was assisted as well. The local news outlet 954 Kiryat Atta News, reports on the impact our successful campaign has made for their community.

(translated from the Hebrew)
Resident families of Kiryat Atta participated in the local Kupat HaChesed coat & blanket distribution sponsored by the B'ezri organization, which assists families of B'nei Torah and large households.
The distribution took place in the Makova halls.

Rav Shimmy Donat, a manager of the Kupa, told 954 News that about 100 families took part in the event, where about 200 coats and 60 blankets were distributed. "These are especially nice, high quality coats and I am happy to have the zchut of being a partner in this. B'ezrat Hashem similar distributions are being planned, all with Siyata D'shmaya."

C., a resident who attended the distribution comments "This event has come at exactly the right time. Last week, one of my children's coats tore and we hadn't planned for the extra expense of buying a new one. To come here and see the quantities and variety, and how everything is done in an organized way, in a friendly environment...it is a "certificate of kavod" for those who look out for us, and thankfully take care of everything possible throughout the year."

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