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Easing the "Simcha Burden" for all Israel's Sectors-Equally

by Karen Reiffman

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Ahuzat Friedman is featured in Derech magazine, with the story of its incredible impact on weddings in Israeli society. Writer Eliyahu Edri describes the uniqueness in Yad Eliezer's ability to provide families with "respectable, impressive yet inexpensive" weddings, something we have been doing for years in Jerusalem and Bnei Brak. With the opening of Ahuzat Friedman in Ashdod, we have expanded our reach to Israel's south, providing this incredible service for families in that region. No similar option exists in the area. By operating this low cost, yet exquisite wedding venue, Yad Eliezer helps people make beautiful weddings and, through our subsidized costs, prevents them from falling into terrible debt just to make one simcha. Three event halls under one roof means three weddings a night, all made at the highest standards. Read more about Ahuzat Friedman in Yated Ne'eman, and from an insider's view, here.


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