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A Gabbai Tzedaka writes in about B'ezri's impact

by Gabbai Tzedaka

Monday, June 17, 2024

I want to tell your donors what happened today, when I was visited by an avrech who received help from B’ezri to buy food for Shavuot. He came into the room and began to cry. Here is what he said:

“This morning, my daughter asked for money to buy a few ingredients so she could bake a cake for Shavuot. I told her, ‘Maybe it’s not k’dai, we don’t really need it…’ What could I say? That I didn’t have a shekel to give her? That my credit card was already over the limit and my bank account was frozen? But she continued, ‘In everyone’s houses they have so many cakes for the chag. What about us?’
I left the room and began to daven, ‘Hashem, please, Abba, help me…A cake for Shavuot…That’s all my daughter wants…’”
“In the afternoon I received a call from B’ezri that I should come pick up a food voucher! I couldn’t believe it..”

In this man’s house and in so many others, they were able to make a dignified chag. I can’t begin to tell you how much it is appreciated and what a difference it made.
"תורה תחילתה חסד וסופה חסד"

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