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"We can celebrate the chagim with kavod"

by Mordechai & Tamar S.

Thursday, September 14, 2023

We must express in a few words, our tremendous gratitude, first to the Borei Olam, for having you be the shlichim who have brought light to our hearts in time for the upcoming Chagim. The donation you sent us is bringing us light and simcha with which we can, b’ezrat Hashem, celebrate the chagim with kavod, joy and happy hearts. And to you, the shlichim of Hashem, we must thank you and daven that Hashem should continue to provide for you, and give you koach to continue in your wonderful and kadosh activities, and may you always be on the giving end. May you find nachat and nehora me’alya from your families. Wishing you all the best from the bottom of our hearts!

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