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"You've sent a ray of light that warms the heart."

by Janet Y.

Thursday, April 27, 2023

To B'ezri, Shalom U'vracha!
We were so moved and happy to receive your generous help-the monthly support and the help for Pesach.
Especially during these difficult financial times following my dear husband's (z"l) passing.
I have no words with which to express my feelings and deep gratitude for the support you've provided.

These days are not easy, around us all looks dark.
But you sent a ray of light that warms the heart and you've given us the feeling that we are not alone.
Especially now, at the first chag since we were alone, without my husband, the head of the family, who was taken too early.
The burden of the family has fallen onto my shoulders in a significant way and we still haven't digested the tremendous loss.

I am sending a giant thank you for the ovens you provided-this was a huge necessity but also a huge treat.
You didn't skimp, you provided the highest quality.
You made sure that they would arrive before Pesach which goes above and beyond!
May you be blessed from Shamayim.
You were the Shlichim Tovim for us, at the perfect time!

We bless you that Hashem HaTov should repay you doubly. Only He knows how to repay you for this incredible help.
May He fill all the wishes of your heart for the good, and provide you with nachat and hatzlacha in everything you do.
May you always be on the giving end. Amen!

With great thanks and appreciation,
Janet Y. and family

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