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You have brought our Bar Mitzvah so much simcha

by Chaim M.

Wednesday, February 08, 2023

To B’ezri and the generous donors who are behind the scenes,

On behalf of my family, plus that of the Chattan Bar Mitzvah and myself of course,
I wanted to thank you for all your wonderful help; there are no words to describe how beneficial it was. We have so many expenses, even though we cut back as much as possible. Without your support we would be trapped in additional, significant debts. Tefillin is extremely expensive for us and another loan would be the only way we could purchase them.
You have saved us from this stress and brought our Bar Mitzvah so much simcha. For my wife and I, you've brought menuchas ha’nefesh. We truly can’t thank you enough.
May you be blessed in all ways and be zoche for Siyata D’shmaya and nachas from all your children.

With brachos,
Chaim M.

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