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Thank you for the summer help!

by Gabai Tzedaka & a single mother

Thursday, July 14, 2022

Ashreichem, Yisrael! You've provided such happiness to so many. This is truly a huge help for families who are feeling 'strangled' during summer break; this time of year is often even harder than Yom Tov, when many people are aware that there is so much need in our communities and they reach out to help. But summer is a different story. Most people don't realize that this time of year is incredibly stressful for poor families, when there is no money to send children to camp and without that, how can parents go out to work? How do they pay for food and bills? There is tremendous need. On behalf of the parents and children who rely on us, who you've helped with your support, thank you very, very much!" - Gabbai Tzedaka

"You proactively think of us and our needs before we can even think of them ourselves, before we have a chance to panic. How do you know?! You enabled us to have a normal summer, to allow our kids to have a bit of fun and have food on the table for every meal. You saved us." - Ahava L., mother of 3


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