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Giving Thanks for Ahuzat Friedman

by K. family

Monday, November 19, 2018

A Letter of Great Thanks and Appreciation

To the honorable staff of Yad Eliezer,

I married off my daughter recently in the Ahuzat Friedman wedding hall
in Ashdod.
With this letter I’d like to express my great appreciation to you
for our experience.
This was the first child I’ve made a wedding for, and the experience was so wonderful and positive for me
that it is difficult to put into words..

You have managed to create a venue where one can make a celebration
which is a combination of elegance and dignity but amazingly, at a reasonable cost.

The hall: It is large and so beautiful.
The food: Delicious, aesthetically pleasing, and plentiful.
The service: Loving attention was paid to our family starting from the minute
invitations were sent out, through to the end of the evening.

Every last detail of the simcha was taken care of, and with incredible friendliness, kindness and care.
Your staff reassured me and calmed me during what could have been a nerve-wracking time.
There was always someone courteous and helpful available, with whom to speak and ask questions.

Ashreichem, Yad Eliezer, for enabling Baalei Simcha to truly enjoy their simchas.
May Hashem help you continue to succeed in your holy work, in everything you do.

With great thanks and appreciation,
Betzalel K.

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