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A New -Coat - For Each - Child!?!

by An Israeli Mother

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

To the staff and donors of Yad Eliezer,

I don’t have enough words to thank you sufficiently.

There is no way to adequately express the feelings that overcame me when I received the delivery of top quality winter coats for each of my children.

A New -Coat - For Each - Child!?!

Warm! Stylish! Beautiful!

My tears flowed freely as I quietly folded the old, ragged coats that served us faithfully over the years and were passed down from child to child. The black one, the only way to close it since the zipper broke was with the two upper snaps. The pink one, which was too small for my daughter and she complained each time she wore it from the discomfort. I also the blue one (whose hood went missing long ago) to the pile. Then the grey one, which resembled a rag more than it resembled a coat.

I piled them up, along with a growing pile of the pangs of guilt, feelings of frustration and helplessness. Now I can finally let them go, along with all of the heavy thoughts: poor child, he’s probably so cold outside and how can I possibly buy everyone new coats now when we hardly have money for bread?

Tomorrow, for the first time ever, all of my children too will rush off to school with a happy smile, outfitted with new, warm coats.

And I, I just lovingly look out the window at the wonderful little group that Hashem has blessed me with.

As the well-groomed troop strides proudly to their destination, I can’t help but think of the wonderful people who have given me this gift, though they don’t know me at all. They generously opened their warm hearts, and helped me, with dignity.

There’s a catch in my throat... which makes its way up to my eyes... After so many tears of frustration, worry and sadness, finally... tears of joy and gratitude.

May Hashem reward you with goodness from Above.

May it be His will that you should always be in a position to give.

Sincerely, with never ending gratitude and appreciation,

A Mother

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