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A creative thank you!

by G. Family in Ashdod

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The cold winter nights

Become poor parents' plights
They cause us stress and worries
As the winter comes with frozen flurries

Winter clothes and especially coats
Cost quite a bit as you may note
How can we know that our family's prepared?
That when the cold blows in, our health will be spared?

That instead of fear we'll meet winter with joy?
That we won't have to worry about our girl and boy?

There are angels, we call them Yad Eliezer
They help people be happy no matter the weather
They sent us coats of incredible quality
They allow our kids some winter frivolity

To our son and daughter warm coats were sent
We feel so clearly your loving intent
Now they are ready, warm and protected
The winter can come, their health won't be affected

I want to thank you from the depths of my heart
As far as I'm concerned, now the rains can start
Let them bring abundance, growth and blessing
For now the cold weather will not be distressing!!!

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