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A dream come true- Yad Eliezer's new Bnai Brak Wedding Hall!

For over a decade Yad Eliezer's staff and donors have been planning, working and dreaming of this day- the opening of Yad Eliezer's new wedding halls in Bnai Brak. This state of the art facility will enable many thousands of family to celebrate the most joyous occasions of their lives, surrounded by beauty and grandeur, for a fraction of the cost of hosting a wedding elsewhere. No longer must the bride and groom choose between a pitiful celebration and a burden of debt. Yad Eliezer's Jerusalem Armonot Wolf hall has been a venue for two discounted weddings per night for years. Now residents of Bnai Brak will enjoy the same opportunity.

The celebration of the grand opening was a dream come true- literally, as the hopes and hard work finally became a tangible reality.

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